Why Virtual Professionals Are Important

Why Virtual Professionals Are Important

Most people, especially corporations (large companies, CEOs, executives and managers, collectively), see and think of Virtual Professionals (virtual assistants, remote workers, online business supporters, online service providers) as the virtual version of an office secretary. Some professionals are stuck in the mindset of traditional employment where an “assistant” is a secretary who brings them coffee every morning and they can boss around. As such, they fail to evolve with the changing world and refuse to view Virtual Professionals as business owners in their own right. The Virtual Support industry has arrived, and by the looks of it, here to stay. Assistants/Executive Assistants/Personal Assistants are no longer just assistants. As technology continues to evolve and daily activities/tasks have gotten more time consuming and a bit more complicated for some, Virtual Professionals are becoming highly skilled in several occupational sectors and platforms.

If you think about the vast amount of content you interact with daily, a Virtual Professional is the person who prepared that content behind-the-scenes for your viewing and utilization pleasure:

  • The emails delivered to your inbox daily/weekly/monthly from your favourite brands, companies, entrepreneurs and influencers
  • The e-books you purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, etc.
  • The articles and blog posts you read daily
  • The social media networks on which you follow and interact with your audience
  • The podcasts you listen to and their transcripts you read
  • The landing pages you sign-up on to gain access to freebies, checklists, trainings and webinars from your favourite mentors and trainers

And don’t forget the numerous phone calls that come into your company daily that you were happy to outsource. You forgot about that, didn’t you? Virtual Professionals are the ones who take the time-consuming, back-end, technical tasks off your hands so you can focus on the bigger things – the vision for your business, income-generating activities and your clients. Virtual Professionals are the ones who help you make your business dreams a reality. So why should you be considered a business owner/entrepreneur/professional and they’re not regarded in the same manner?

At the end of the day, a business cannot survive without clients or support. A corporation cannot survive without administrative, accounting, customer service, marketing and sales personnel (a team of individuals). Similarly, a small business (especially an online one) cannot survive or expand without a Virtual Professional (or several, i.e. a team of individuals) handling the back-end activities to make it successful. If you could do it all on your own (learn every business process, platform, tool, marketing strategy, etc. out there), you would – wouldn’t you?

The next time you see a Virtual Professional providing their services to help you in your business, remember that you went into business to serve clients and make a profit too. You provide products and services, they provide products and services. You’re a business owner, they are business owners.

How do you manage the daily operations of your business?

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