Volunteer To Build Your Skills

Volunteer To Build Your Skills

If you’ve taken the leap into the virtual services industry or decided to try your hand at it, you may realize it’s not easy as many think it is. Frankly, it’s not much different than working face-to-face with others. The differences are you’re working and communicating with clients via an internet connection on your computer or phone, and you’re working for yourself (non-corporate). The same goes with demonstrating your skills to clients so they trust that you can solve their problem(s). Most clients are from a corporate background and are very skeptical about hiring a Freelancer/Virtual Service Provider/Virtual Assistant to help with their projects, although they really need help.

So if you’ve decided providing virtual services is right for you, how can you build your skills to show clients they should consider hiring you? Volunteer for opportunities that will help build the skills you already have or teach you the ones you want to learn. Not sure how you can help clients? Check out this post about the tasks clients need a Virtual Service Provider’s help with.

Many look at volunteering simply as “working for free,” without realizing they don’t consider the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and upgraded skills. Volunteering your services also paves the way for gaining hands-on experience and making connections with others in your industry, as well as future clients. Imagine a client telling a colleague in their network “[Your Name] is amazing at email marketing [as an example] and handles all of my newsletters to my subscribers! You need her in your business, she is so worth it!” How would he/she know that? That current client is mostly likely a referral to you from helping out a friend (volunteering your services), and he/she is now referring you to others. See the domino effect?

The more skilled you are, the more marketable you will be, the better clients you will attract and the more you can charge for your services. Why? Because the clients you attract will recognize your value and worth. Volunteering is not a bad thing, as it opens doors to business opportunities.

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