• So Many Platforms and Tools: Which Do I Choose?
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    So Many Platforms and Tools: Which Do I Choose?

    “This tool is your one-stop shop for all your scheduling needs.” “Need a way to manage all your projects? Keep everything in one place with this amazing app.” Sounds familiar? With the numerous apps, productivity, project management, graphic design and social scheduling tools available it’s easy to become overwhelmed with trying to keep up with them all. What many don’t realize is you don’t have to know or use all of them. Some think they need to use every single platform or tool they come across (“Shiny Object Syndrome”), and end up reducing their productivity rather than increasing it. Instead of trying to learn them all, why not pick 2-3…

  • Are You Productive
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    Are You Productive?

    We’re all busy in our everyday lives with personal, work, and family obligations. However, if you reflect on all the things you do daily, how productive are you? Are you someone who’s easily distracted and caught up in things that take up a lot of your time? Or are you disciplined and focused on the task at hand to get it done and move on to the next? Many people talk about and encourage multitasking. However, if you think about it, trying to complete several tasks simultaneously equals to you completing none – as switching between tasks doesn’t allow your brain to give each your full attention. You may end…