• Don’t Buy That Training Course
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    Don’t Buy That Training Course

    It’s almost the end of month 1 of the new year, and your goals to accomplish for 2019 are still fresh in the air. “I want to increase my knowledge in _____ to help scale my business” or “I want to get certified in _____.” However, do you really need that course? Now you may be thinking “My friend signed up for it and said how great it was, how it gave him/her clarity, a strategic plan, a new business tool for the arsenal…”, but have you evaluated yourself and business activities to determine where you’re falling short? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before hitting the ‘buy’…

  • 6 Tips For Dealing With Overwhelm and Stress
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    6 Tips For Dealing With Overwhelm and Stress

    Many people agree with the saying “Stress is a killer.” It’s most certainly true that overwhelm leading to stress is unhealthy, especially if it’s constant as it affects both your mind and body. For some, overwhelm and stress manifest themselves in the form of constant headaches (painful and annoying, I can tell you) or migraines. For others they show up in the form of loss of appetite, stomach pains, insomnia, weight gain or weight loss. You may think to yourself “Just stop worrying about it,” but it’s not that easy, as in the moment it may seem as if the world is ending. With the pressures of running a business,…