• The Business of Facebook Groups
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    The Business of Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups have been and still are all the rage in the online world. They’re not only utilized by the virtual services industry, but by other types of businesses in an effort to create a community for their consumers. However, in the virtual services sphere, they’re heavily utilized by coaches, digital marketers, speakers, trainers, virtual service providers and so on. Additionally, some of these groups become very large with tens of thousands of members wanting to connect with others, access to freebies and to promote their own products/services. There’s a trend with many of these Facebook groups though. Okay, let’s not call it a trend. Let’s call it a common…

  • Ignore the Doubters
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    Ignore the Doubters

    Have you ever had anyone (family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues) doubt your business/entrepreneurial goals and your ability to make them a success? I bet your answer is “Yes.” The mother of my friend said to them (in reference to me), “All she’s interested in is her business.” Of course she has never (and would never) say this to my face, and of course, my friend came back and told me. And here’s the kicker, my friend’s mother regularly asks me to organize her computer files, update her phone when it acts wonky, other questions about her computer/internet browsing issues and asked me some months ago to create certificates for her students…