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    Hone Your Skills and Build New Ones

    Many new Virtual Service Professionals (Virtual Assistants, Virtual Service Providers, Executive Assistants, Virtual Support Professionals, etc.) entering the industry start with offering services that every other VSP is already providing. For example, social media is still all the rave. As such, social media management has been an in-demand skill for some time. However, that doesn’t mean that every VSP needs to offer it. Where does your expertise lie and what problems can you solve for business owners? Here are a few ideas to get you started: What are you currently good at? (Accounting, administrative activities, bookkeeping, project management, copyediting, strategy, writing, tech platforms/tools, etc.) What do you love to do?…

  • So Many Platforms and Tools: Which Do I Choose?
    Virtual Support

    So Many Platforms and Tools: Which Do I Choose?

    “This tool is your one-stop shop for all your scheduling needs.” “Need a way to manage all your projects? Keep everything in one place with this amazing app.” Sounds familiar? With the numerous apps, productivity, project management, graphic design and social scheduling tools available it’s easy to become overwhelmed with trying to keep up with them all. What many don’t realize is you don’t have to know or use all of them. Some think they need to use every single platform or tool they come across (“Shiny Object Syndrome”), and end up reducing their productivity rather than increasing it. Instead of trying to learn them all, why not pick 2-3…