• Ignore the Doubters
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    Ignore the Doubters

    Have you ever had anyone (family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues) doubt your business/entrepreneurial goals and your ability to make them a success? I bet your answer is “Yes.” The mother of my friend said to them (in reference to me), “All she’s interested in is her business.” Of course she has never (and would never) say this to my face, and of course, my friend came back and told me. And here’s the kicker, my friend’s mother regularly asks me to organize her computer files, update her phone when it acts wonky, other questions about her computer/internet browsing issues and asked me some months ago to create certificates for her students…

  • Don't Be Scared By The Big Numbers
    Virtual Support

    Don’t Be Scared By The Big Numbers

    Maybe you’re a new Virtual Service Provider (Virtual Assistant, Virtual Executive Assistant, Virtual Support Provider, etc.) launching your business and have been researching like crazy. I bet you’ve seen in every Facebook group you’ve joined a VSP stating he/she earns $5k or $10k monthly, or 6 figures (USD) annually in their businesses. I’m also willing to bet that those posts make some newbies put those VSPs on a high pedestal and think that’s what’s required to be viewed as excellent Service Providers. What does that lead to? Feelings of discouragement and the undervaluing of skill sets. So what do seasoned VSPs do or promote that make newbies feel inadequate in…