• Don’t Buy That Training Course
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    Don’t Buy That Training Course

    It’s almost the end of month 1 of the new year, and your goals to accomplish for 2019 are still fresh in the air. “I want to increase my knowledge in _____ to help scale my business” or “I want to get certified in _____.” However, do you really need that course? Now you may be thinking “My friend signed up for it and said how great it was, how it gave him/her clarity, a strategic plan, a new business tool for the arsenal…”, but have you evaluated yourself and business activities to determine where you’re falling short? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before hitting the ‘buy’…

  • The Buzz of Social Media
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    The Buzz of Social Media

    In the past 10-20 years we’ve gone from the days of communicating in-person and via handwritten letters to clicking “Add Friend” or “Follow” on social media networks. No longer is it a case of “I’ve never had a conversation with this person before, so I don’t know them” as it has now become “I’ll add this person to my friends list because they’re friends with my friend.” Social media has eliminated physical limitations and allows us to connect with others anywhere in the world. As such many are happy to share their lives, celebrations and experiences; while others relish in the vast business opportunities which barely existed years ago. If…