Ignore the Doubters

Ignore the Doubters

Have you ever had anyone (family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues) doubt your business/entrepreneurial goals and your ability to make them a success? I bet your answer is “Yes.” The mother of my friend said to them (in reference to me), “All she’s interested in is her business.” Of course she has never (and would never) say this to my face, and of course, my friend came back and told me. And here’s the kicker, my friend’s mother regularly asks me to organize her computer files, update her phone when it acts wonky, other questions about her computer/internet browsing issues and asked me some months ago to create certificates for her students for a workshop she taught. Are you shaking your head yet? I do all the time.

So when others discourage or laugh at your business goals, products or services, think of all the companies you interact with as you go about your daily activities. If banks didn’t introduce online or tele-banking, you would still be physically going to the bank every time you needed to do a transaction. They would still be physically going to the bank when they needed to put through transactions. Take my friend’s mother mentioned above for instance. She doesn’t believe in my business (Virtual Services), but emailed me the information to create the certificates she needed. How was that task completed? Virtually. Remember the most famous (and everyone’s favourite) online store, Amazon? She shops on it regularly – equals virtually. If Jeff Bezos never came up with the idea to create an online store to serve the world, we would all still be walking, taking the bus or driving to buy what we need. Or in the case of products unavailable in our country of residence, we would still be longingly staring at them through our TV screens or promoted ads on the internet.

Many of the successful business owners, coaches, digital marketers, trainers and virtual service providers we admire today started with a dream or goal, and had many people doubt them too. The difference is they had tunnel vision and ignored the negativity. I bet many of those doubters were surprised or shocked when those individuals they turned up their nose at became successful.

At the end of the day, people are juggling a lot of responsibilities (family, business, etc.), don’t have the time to do it all and need help. If your products or services (hint, hint Virtual Service Providers, Virtual Assistants, Virtual Executive Assistants, Virtual Support Providers) can solve their problems, present them and be proud. Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do. Focus on your goals, work towards achieving them and forget about the noise.

How do you handle the doubters and naysayers?

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