Hone Your Skills and Build New Ones

Many new Virtual Service Professionals (Virtual Assistants, Virtual Service Providers, Executive Assistants, Virtual Support Professionals, etc.) entering the industry start with offering services that every other VSP is already providing. For example, social media is still all the rave. As such, social media management has been an in-demand skill for some time. However, that doesn’t mean that every VSP needs to offer it. Where does your expertise lie and what problems can you solve for business owners? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • What are you currently good at? (Accounting, administrative activities, bookkeeping, project management, copyediting, strategy, writing, tech platforms/tools, etc.)
  • What do you love to do? (From your selections above, pick the ones you’re passionate about)
  • What services can you provide right now?
  • Who do you want to serve? (Authors, coaches, speakers, trainers, local businesses, corporations, non-profits, etc.)
  • What do you want to learn? (Affiliate marketing, e-commerce, online business management, project management, tech platforms/tools, speaking engagement skills, etc.)
  • What do you see a need for that is not currently being offered to help business owners?

The above is by no means an exhausted guide, but it does get the wheels spinning in your creative brain – doesn’t it? In this vast virtual world continuous learning is important and inevitable. If you think about it, how will you stand-out from the crowd doing the same thing that everyone else does? You won’t. Hone your skills, build new ones and make yourself visible.

Do you follow the crowd or make yourself stand-out?

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