Fill Your Own Cup

The first time I saw this phrase posted was in a Facebook group, then I kept seeing it over and over in various groups. I didn’t get it. It annoyed me a little.

Fast-forward to life changes in a short period of time – now it makes sense. Many think it’s selfish to fill your own cup, but it really isn’t. Think of the family member or friend who may love you, but always wants something from you – listen to their problems, borrow an item, borrow money, etc.

Now think of when you need them to be a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, provide some help or support. Think of when you’ve finally made a little progress on something you’ve been working on – whether that be a life path change, a dream, a business, etc. You’re excited, but they’re not excited for or with you. They’re too busy thinking about themselves or the things they care about.

Reflect and ask yourself if you’ve always been filling everyone else’s cup. You probably already know the answer.

Fill Your Own Cup.

Are you being your own cheerleader?    

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