Be a Facilitator

Be a Facilitator

A while back I came across a paid resource for LinkedIn a virtual service trainer was promoting in one of the Facebook groups I’m in. I’d seen a few resources over the last several months, but this one seemed simple, easy-to-use and was a low-cost product – so I added it to my “To Get” list.

The time came when I decided to hit the ‘buy’ button, only to find that Paypal was the only payment method setup for this product. So I did what any other Virtual Service Provider (VSP) would do – I messaged the trainer requesting another payment method for their product, as I didn’t have a Paypal account. The response I got: “You’d have to setup a Paypal account.” I was immediately turned off, as my first thought was “Is this how you deal with your clients?” Being that this is a trainer (and virtual service provider), I would think they have both local and international clients. As a non-U.S.-based Service Provider, I’d like to think that VSPs/Trainers facilitate and support current and prospective clients globally when marketing and promoting their products/services.

You can’t want everyone to buy what you’re offering, yet make it difficult and tedious for them to do so, or be uninterested if your way doesn’t work for them.

Clients are consumers, and are attracted to your interest in solving their problems, as well as the tools you’re offering to provide the solution. Be a Facilitator.

What has been your experience in investing in products/services from business coaches, trainers and virtual service providers?

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