Don’t Buy That Training Course

Don’t Buy That Training Course

It’s almost the end of month 1 of the new year, and your goals to accomplish for 2019 are still fresh in the air. “I want to increase my knowledge in _____ to help scale my business” or “I want to get certified in _____.”

However, do you really need that course? Now you may be thinking “My friend signed up for it and said how great it was, how it gave him/her clarity, a strategic plan, a new business tool for the arsenal…”, but have you evaluated yourself and business activities to determine where you’re falling short?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before hitting the ‘buy’ button (again):

1. Which courses did you purchase up to the end of last year?

2. What did you intend to learn from those programs?

3. Did you complete them?

4. Have you implemented the information you learned?

If you have a stockpile waiting to be completed, then it’s time to get what you need from them before searching for the next hot new program.

You can assess your own activities by making it as simple as creating a list and dividing it into sections:

A. Current skills/knowledge

B. Visibility (social and in-person)

C. Current business tools/platforms/software

D. Current marketing efforts (social and in-person)

E. Desired skills to learn (what you want to add to your business)

F. How new skills will be implemented in your business

Shiny Object Syndrome sneaks up on us more than we’d like to admit, so let’s slow our roll a little and take it step by step. In this case, one meaningful course at a time.

Which course are you tempted to purchase and why?

Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below.


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