Don't Be Scared By The Big Numbers

Don’t Be Scared By The Big Numbers

Maybe you’re a new Virtual Service Provider (Virtual Assistant, Virtual Executive Assistant, Virtual Support Provider, etc.) launching your business and have been researching like crazy. I bet you’ve seen in every Facebook group you’ve joined a VSP stating he/she earns $5k or $10k monthly, or 6 figures (USD) annually in their businesses. I’m also willing to bet that those posts make some newbies put those VSPs on a high pedestal and think that’s what’s required to be viewed as excellent Service Providers. What does that lead to? Feelings of discouragement and the undervaluing of skill sets.

So what do seasoned VSPs do or promote that make newbies feel inadequate in serving clients who need help?

  • Several boot-camps/courses/memberships by various trainers
  • Masterminds costing thousands of dollars
  • Numerous webinars and podcasts
  • Numerous opt-ins (checklists, guides, templates, etc.)
  • A team of sub-contractors behind the scenes

What does all of that lead to? Information overload, analysis paralysis and the feeling of not being good enough/not measuring up. Many new VSPs forget to start where they are and build their skills, experience and testimonials as they go along. The majority of seasoned VSPs earn their incomes via the sales of training programs, affiliate marketing, hiring several sub-contractors to do the work for them, and so on. Getting caught-up in what others are doing and earning creates skewed business and personal goals. Not everyone will make 6 figures. Your business and income goals should be based on you, not other Service Providers. Assess your knowledge, skills and expertise, and determine how you will provide clients with the help they need.

Are you distracted by the success of others or focused on your own goals?

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