Define Your Own Success

Define Your Own Success

What is success to you? With the consistent growth of entrepreneurship, freelancing, and online businesses; it’s easy to get lost in or become envious of the success of others. Many see coaches, marketers, online business owners, speakers, trainers, etc. earning thousands or millions of dollars through courses, masterminds, opt-ins and product launches; and think that’s what they need to achieve too. Now if that’s your goal – there’s nothing wrong with that. But ask yourself “What will make me feel successful? What do I want to achieve?” The ability to take care of responsibilities (family, bills and groceries) is, of course, a must. Apart from meeting your obligations, how would you define success? Is it leaving your 9-5 job? Is it being able to work less hours and still earn a great income? Is it thousands of subscribers to your newsletters? Is it being able to vacation whenever and wherever you want? Is it balancing work projects for 30 clients each month? Is it buying a new car or house? Think about it for a minute or two.

Now that you’ve decided on your answer, is it based on what you see others doing or your intrinsic goals? Do your daily activities involve over-extending yourself or your finances to match (or compete) with other entrepreneurs? Think about that for a minute or two.

At the end of the day it all boils down to your goals, the kind of life you want to live and your ability to sustain it.

How do you define success?

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2 thoughts on “Define Your Own Success”

  1. Love this! Success is so individual. Essentially it is setting and achieving your goals and what’s success for some may not be success for another. Thanks so much for sharing this encouragement.

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