Join Facebook Groups with Caution

Join Facebook Groups with Caution

Recently I joined a female business Facebook group. As with some groups, a few questions were required to be answered before approval was granted. After my approval I read the “About” section for the group rules. The usual were present:

  •  “Welcome to ___!”
  •  Introduce yourself so we can get to know you.
  •  Don’t be a lurker!
  •  Engage, share and collaborate!
  •  Promotional posts and going Live are not allowed without admin permission.

So like most Virtual Service Providers, what did I do? Said “Hi” and introduced myself with a non-promotional graphic. No links, no “check out my page here” – nothing. Then I looked through and began engaging – 2 comments agreeing with a previous post, 2 comments responding to someone’s unanswered question based on what others outside of my expertise do, and read a few other posts. That’s it. Then I spotted a “Pending Approval” note at the top of the group page for the non-promo introductory graphic I posted.

“No biggie, the admin(s) will see the engagement when moderating the activity.” I move on to the next group.

Busy with the usual notifications checking the next day, I realise the group isn’t present in my list. I was deleted and blocked. As a group moderator myself, this was surprising and funny. If one were spamming the group with “Click here to see my services” or “Download your free checklist here” – that’s a no brainer – you’re asking to get booted.

However, when a group admin encourages members, especially new people who join to “Share and collaborate” – and don’t bother to check the group posts and activity for what was shared – it makes you wonder what are they asking members to do?

Of course you’re not expected to promote your products/services as you walk into the room, but for some groups it’s frowned upon to contribute. Then many admins wonder why most members continuously lurk, and no one wants to talk and connect.

If you’re looking for a community or “tribe”, be cautious in your approach. Some are welcoming and mean what they say in the group rules. Others, not so much.

Have you ever been removed from a Facebook group for following the rules?

Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Join Facebook Groups with Caution”

  1. I was removed from a group for doing something very similar. Before removing me, the admin & her husband made some mad face emojis and messaged me that I wasn’t allowed to share or comment with solutions or expertise — that was their job! Seriously?! I was hurt & surprised but it wasn’t me I realized. It was their insecurities. Since it’s their group & their rules, I understood but wondered if they did. I mean, what kind of culture were they creating if they were the only ones who could share? In my FB group, I allow everyone to share their expertise, their struggles, their Joy’s so that others can join in. I encourage collaboration and provide prompts for promotions too. To me, that is a true community.

    1. Debra-Kaye Elliott

      I’ve heard of this happening to someone else too and it really makes me wonder sometimes. I get that it’s their group so their rules, but if the rules are “get to know each other, share, help, collaborate” and then you restrict that, what’s the point of the group? People will easily and quickly get tired of the group owner promoting their stuff and talking about their offerings alone. Especially if it’s someone who isn’t present or try to know the members of their group.

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