• Ignore the Doubters
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    Ignore the Doubters

    Have you ever had anyone (family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues) doubt your business/entrepreneurial goals and your ability to make them a success? I bet your answer is “Yes.” The mother of my friend said to them (in reference to me), “All she’s interested in is her business.” Of course she has never (and would never) say this to my face, and of course, my friend came back and told me. And here’s the kicker, my friend’s mother regularly asks me to organize her computer files, update her phone when it acts wonky, other questions about her computer/internet browsing issues and asked me some months ago to create certificates for her students…

  • Build Your Business
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    Build Your Business

    Although it’s now 2017, there are still many people who look down on others for launching their own businesses, believe it or not. Those from the traditional, old-school type of thinking believe that everyone must have a J-O-B (8am-4pm, 9am-5pm), instead of trying to improve themselves and become entrepreneurs. Then there are others who “encourage” people to start a business, then in the same breath tell them to get a job – instead of supporting their entrepreneurship journey. Family, friends and acquaintances always say “You started a business? That’s great! What are you doing?” But I bet when you respond and follow-up with “I’m doing some promotion and seeking new…