6 Tips For Dealing With Overwhelm and Stress

6 Tips For Dealing With Overwhelm and Stress

Many people agree with the saying “Stress is a killer.” It’s most certainly true that overwhelm leading to stress is unhealthy, especially if it’s constant as it affects both your mind and body. For some, overwhelm and stress manifest themselves in the form of constant headaches (painful and annoying, I can tell you) or migraines. For others they show up in the form of loss of appetite, stomach pains, insomnia, weight gain or weight loss. You may think to yourself “Just stop worrying about it,” but it’s not that easy, as in the moment it may seem as if the world is ending. With the pressures of running a business, staying in line as an employee, caring for others who are ill, or being the support system for the people in our lives – how can we not be overwhelmed?

It’s tough, but we can all try a little harder to put less pressure on ourselves. Here are a few tips to incorporate in your daily activities and life to tackle that stress monster:

1.      Take a deep breath (or several)

2.      Make a list of all the things creating chaos in your mind (a things-to-do list)

3.      Ask yourself how important is/are the thing(s) overwhelming or stressing you

4.      Ask yourself what you can do about it (your plan of attack)

5.      Don’t let people stress you out (hard, I know)

6.      If it’s out of your control, don’t let it consume you (hard, I know)

Some people say “Will it matter 10 years from now?” I used to hear that phrase a while back and wonder “Why do people always say that?” but as time goes by I realize it makes a lot of sense. As you get older, wiser, achieve more in life and strive to reach your goals – will that family member who never supported you matter? Will that previous client who didn’t see your value matter? Will that mean, micro-managing boss who burned you matter? No. You would’ve already outgrown them and moved on. It’s challenging to not get frantic or panic when things go haywire, but focus your efforts instead on what you can do and take it from there – one step at a time.

How do you manage overwhelm and stress?

Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below.

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